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Everybody Calm Down

Everybody Calm Down

Kombucha Skincare Intro Kit

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Our Kombucha skincare system takes a natural-knows-best approach to achieve skin balance with good-for-you bacteria like Kombucha! This mini kit contains all the steps you need for a simple, effective skincare routine.

Try the Everybody Calm Down Kit for Free! Shipping Not Included. 1 Kit Per Customer.

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Enhances hydration

Visibly improves texture
Helps reduce skin inflammation
Supports a healthy skin barrier

How to use

The Super Cleanse:
(AM or PM)
・Start with damp skin
・Gently massage over face, eyes and neck – don’t be too rough!
・Rinse and pat dry – no tugging!
・Move on to The Clean Sweep

The Simple Shield:
・(AM) Start with clean, dry skin (after The Super Cleanse and Clean Sweep of course!)
・Gently massage onto face, neck, and chest – no tugging!
・Admire your plump, protected, healthy-looking skin

The Moon Dream:
・Start with clean, dry skin (after The Super Cleanse and Clean Sweep of course!)
・Gently massage onto face, neck, and chest
・Get some ZZZs and wake up glowing

The Wake-Up Call:
(AM or PM)
・Start with clean, dry skin (after The Super Cleanse and Clean ・Sweep of course!)
・Squeeze out a pea-sized amount onto applicator and gently circle the eye area 2x
PS. the angled tip makes for super easy under-eye application
・Lock it in with a gentle pressing or tapping motion and don’t forget the lids - they need some love too
・Re-apply whenever in need of a moisturizing refresh


Hero ingredient in all products: Kombucha

The Super Cleanse:
・Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Chicory Root, Betaine

The Simple Shield:
・Zinc Oxide 17%, BHA, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides

The Moon Dream:
・Blue Tansy Oil, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Shea Butter

The Wake-Up Call:
・THD Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Caffeine, Turmeric Root Extract

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Why You'll Love It

Fermented ingredients = supercharged probiotic benefits.

Feeds your skin’s microbiome the good bacteria it needs.
Packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin B & antioxidants to keep your skin glowing.
Offsets inflammatory issues like redness, dryness, breakouts & even premature aging like fine lines!

What's Inside:

Chicory Root

The Super Cleanse
Helps keep skin from looking and feeling stressed post-cleanse

Zinc Oxide

The Simple Shield
Defends and protects skin from damaging UV rays

Blue Tansy Oil

The Moon Dream
Helps calm redness and irritability


The Wake-Up Call
Reduces the appearance of puffiness for less visible under-eye bags

Made without: Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Silicones

  • Smells so good!

    These products make my face feel so soft and I have gotten so many compliments ☺ I especially love the Moon Dream 2-in-1 Sleeping Mask!
    - Krissy C.

  • Good way to try this brand!

    What a great way to try this brand! I was happy with everything I got. I will be repurchasing some of my favorites like the Super Cleanse and Wake Up Call Eye Cream!
    - Melissa T.

  • This formula is great for sensitive skin!

    I really love the ingredients in these products! The sunscreen is very beneficial and I love the gentle gel cleanser, does not leave my skin dry!
    - Heather C

  • Amazing face cleanser!

    Very effective face cleanser! Feels great to use in the morning, afternoon and throughout the day. It really leaves your face very smooth and with a cleaning of clean.
    -Dj S.

  • Works great!

    I have been using this product for several weeks and have noticed a significant improvement in the dark circles under my eyes. That is the problem that I have dealt with for years and finally see a solution that is helping.
    -J Berry

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Is Kombucha skincare safe for all skin types?

Kombucha is great for all skin types, even teens entering into their first skincare journey and blemish-prone skin. Thanks to its powerful calming and balancing properties, it adapts to your individual needs whether that’s extra oiliness, clogged pores, dryness or increased sensitivity making it one of the most versatile ingredients out there!

Will fermented skincare irritate my skin?

The opposite actually! Fermented ingredients like Kombucha feed your skin what it needs to get back in balance which can help hydrate, calm irritability and boost its defenses from inflammation-inducing stressors

Does fermented skincare smell?

Nope! Though you might want to compare it to the drinkable Kombucha you find at your favorite health store, Kombucha in skincare is formulated differently and doesn’t have the same scent. Don’t worry though, all the benefits are still there!

Can I use Kombucha skincare daily?

It’s the perfect collection of daily essentials for balanced, glowy skin.