Don't know which product to go with or have questions about our products? Check out our frequently asked questions below 😘

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship orders internationally?

International Shipping is not available at this time. Please check the Store locator for international retailers.

Do you Ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Shipments sent to Alaska and Hawaii pay a flat rate of $7 for USPS Priority Mail before tax and shipping. Expedited shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may cost more than expedited shipments made within the contiguous United States.

What are your Shipping Rates?

We offer the following standard shipping options based on order value:
+ Orders up to $21 include a $4 Shipping Fee via USPS First Class Mail
+ Orders $22 - $49 include a $5 shipping fee via USPS Priority Mail
+ Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or more via USPS Priority Mail
Shipping time is between two to seven business days.
Please note that with the $1 USPS First Class Mail option, order tracking is not available.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns of unopened items purchased at www.avataraskin.com within 30 days of purchase.

Proof of purchase at www.avataraskin.com (such as the www.avataraskin.com order confirmation email and/or receipt showing proof of payment) must be presented in order to receive a refund or exchange.

What happens if my product arrives damaged?

If your order arrives damaged or is not the item you ordered, we will gladly exchange the damaged or incorrect item for a replacement product of equal or lesser value or you can choose to receive a credit toward a future purchase at www.avataraskin.com
Damaged products or incorrectly shipped products will be exchanged at no additional cost to you as long as the exchange is handled within 30 days from the day the order was shipped.
Please contact our customer service department for assistance with your exchange at orders@avataraskin.com

General Product Questions

Are Avatara products gluten-free?

The following avatara products are gluten free: Drink Up, Chill Out, Even Out, Light Up, Shape Up, Clear Out, Plump Up, Fill It Up, Light Up

Are Avatara products vegan?

All avatara products are vegan except Bee My Honey sheet masks.

Are Avatara products all natural or organic?

All Avatara products feature key ingredients found in nature, but they are not certified all natural or organic.

Can I use an Avatara products during pregnancy?

Yes. All avatara products are safe to use during pregnancy.

What should I do if I have a reaction after using an Avatara product?

All avatara products are safe and gentle to use. if you experience an adverse reaction, remove the product immediately and cleanse face of all serum from the skin surface. If redness persists, apply aloe vera or a cold compress. Should you experience a prolonged reaction, contact your doctor or dermatologist.

Kombucha Skincare

Is Kombucha skincare safe for all skin types?

Kombucha is great for all skin types, even teens entering into their first skincare journey and blemish-prone skin. Thanks to its powerful calming and balancing properties, it adapts to your individual needs whether that’s extra oiliness, clogged pores, dryness or increased sensitivity making it one of the most versatile ingredients out there!

Will fermented skincare irritate my skin?

The opposite actually! Fermented ingredients like Kombucha feed your skin what it needs to get back in balance which can help hydrate, calm irritability and boost its defenses from inflammation-inducing stressors.

Does fermented skincare smell?

Nope! Though you might want to compare it to the drinkable Kombucha you find at your favorite health store, Kombucha in skincare is formulated differently and doesn’t have the same scent. Don’t worry though, all the benefits are still there!

Can I use Kombucha skincare daily?

It’s the perfect collection of daily essentials for balanced, glowy skin.

Can I use Kombucha products with my favorite Avatara masks?

Yes! These are daily balancing essentials to keep your skin happy and healthy-looking. Partner them with our sheet masks and sleeping masks whenever you need an extra boost during the week.

Sheet Masks

Which Avatara sheet mask should I use if I have sensitive skin?

- Drink Up Face Mask
- Chill Out Face Mask
- Avobravo Face Mask
- Bee My Honey Face Mask

Which Avatara sheet mask should I use if I have dry skin?

- Drink Up Face Mask
- Chill Out Face Mask
- Watermellow Face Mask
- U Go Coco Face Mask

Which Avatara sheet mask should I use if I have discolored skin?

- Peach Beach Face Mask
- Light Up Face Mask
- Even Out Face Mask

Which Avatara sheet mask should I use if I have breakouts or clogged skin?

- Pineappy Face Mask
- Clear Out Face Mask

Can I use an Avatara sheet mask if I have rosacea?

Yes. Our masks gently deep-condition to alleviate dryness, irritation and inflammation often associated with rosacea. We suggest placing avatara sheet masks in the refrigerator before use for extra soothing benefits.

Should I rinse off the Avatara mask serum after use?

No. To ensure maximum benefits allow the mask serum to remain on skin following removal of the mask material. Massage the remaining serum onto the face, neck, hands and chest!

Which Avatara sheet mask should I use if I haven’t tried sheet masks before?

- Drink Up Face Mask

- Chill Out Face Mask

To test your skin’s sensitivity, apply a small amount of the mask serum to the back of your hand or forearm and monitor for any type of reaction.

How do I read the expiration date on my Avatara sheet mask?

Every Avatara mask has an expiration date printed on the back of the packette. The date is formatted EXPYYMMDD. For example, EXP220123 -- this mask would expire on Jan 23, 2022.

Can I use an Avatara sheet mask every day?

We recommend using our masks weekly. However, our masks can be used daily or until your specific skin concern (acne, dryness, etc.) is resolved.

Can I use an Avatara sheet mask on sunburned skin?

Yes. Our masks provide relief for dry, sun-exposed skin. Place your avatara sheet mask in the refrigerator to enhance the cooling, soothing effect.